Femi Natural human hair is imported from countries around the world for our clientele, primarily from India, South & Central America, Europe, & Asia. We carry a wide range of hair types and hair textures. Our Indian hair comes in natural virgin curly, wavy, deep wave, body wave and permed straight Indian hair. In our Italian hair (European) collection you can experience a silky soft grade in curly, wavy and straight Italian hair. If you desire a straight, smooth, silky, and healthy looking hair our Malaysian hair is highly suggested. The greatest invention, 100% Remy pre-tipped fusion hair extensions in various shapes. These are the absolute highest quality fusions hair extension that offers superior results, in Indian Malaysian and Italian human hair.

Because we specialize in natural hair most of our hair is not processed and remains in its natural state. For this reason no two curl or wave patterns are the same. All hair lengths are 10 to 32 inches. Of course for those who dare to be noticed, special orders for lengths greater than 32 inches are accepted.

We believe your hair should proclaim one’s personal style
. That is why we hand select only 100% natural human Remy hair from around the world for our clientele. Remy which means the head and tail of the hair is kept in same direction, cuticles are not removed and flow in one continuous pattern which prevents matting and tangling, allowing for a smoother silkier and more manageable hair. Our signature Hand-tied, Machine, and Mico-Wefts add perfection to the final styling making your enhancement remarkably unnoticed.

Femi Hair wants you the consumer to be aware of the various types of hairs available on the market today. Each of these hairs has a unique quality, functionality, and beauty. Indian Hair is our most popular type of hair, let us explains why. We believe that Indian hair is the best hair for weaving and extensions. In comparison to other Asiatic hair, Indian hair has the structure and weight that blends well to the natural hair and fits the features of most women today. Malaysian/Chinese and Korean hair although beautiful in quality is much heavier, silky straight and can be difficult to curl. Italian (European) hair although scarcely available in the market today but equally suitable, it is rarely virgin hair (free of chemicals) because the women in Europe frequent hair salons and use styling products which add harsh chemicals to the hair.

To ensure you receive
the highest quality hair. Our commitment to quality assurance compels us to impose the strictest guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction. Our products are reviewed by our quality control team which uses a 4C inspection process applied to all hairs regardless of the county from which it is imported. Femi Hair 4C’s quality inspection process guidelines ensure customer satisfaction, and meets strict cosmetology board level best practice. 4C’s: The hair is Clean and free of chemicals. The Cuticle are intact, The Color is natural and not treated with permanent colors, and The Ends are not Cut.

Our Natural Indian, Italian, Malaysian hair is 100% natural Remy hair. Imported and hand selected from the finest quality of hair. We carry natural curly and wavy Indian hair. Permed straight Indian hair, deep wave, body wave, and Yaki. Coming soon our Brazilian (Spanish wave)

Machine Wefts which are flat, with a double / triple stitch process flexible for any type of enhancement. We also carry Hand-made wefts designed to lay flat on the scalp. Micro wefts are available in track which stretch of 6 – 8 inches in length.

We offer textured Indian hair which is designed to replicate permed straight hair or curly which is ideal for a more natural look without frizz, dryness or tangling. These hair textures come in Indian Straight (permed), Deep Wave, Body Wave, soft Yaki and a ringlet curl.

Our Full/Front Lace custom wigs are of excellent quality, unbelievable workmanship and fashion beyond belief. Handmade Full Lace & Front Lace wigs in 100% natural Indian, and Malaysian Remy hair. All custom products are exactly that, custom made, you choose the specification and we make it to order.

If you are having trouble concealing the top of your weave, look no further. The specially designed weft Closures are created to complete a weave and create a natural part. By using a skin top base, French or Swiss Lace, the closure is able to mimic the scalp, while moving freely creating a natural looking part on any side of the head.

Frontals are standard or custom fitted, used primarily for a front closure piece. These closures are not full wigs and come in a standard size 13 x 2 to 13 x 8 and extend from ear to ear and front to nape, in hair length 10 to 26 inches.

Our 100% Remy pre-tipped keratin infusion hair extensions are made using high quality keratin glue ensuring a fabulous looking undetectable extension for highlights and extending your beauty. We make various keratin pre-bonded hair extensions in various styles; Shoe lace type, flat type, U-Shape in 16 to 32 inches.

Bulk hair is used for creating extension by braiding and infusion; we carry bulk hair in, wavy and straight Indian & Italian hair in 16 – 28 inches.

We carry a variety of daily, short and long-term adhesives in liquid glues and tapes and dissolvents. Each of these products are ideal to secure and improve your adhesion for hot and humid weather conditions. Our products are for both lace and polyurethane hair systems.

We at Femi Hair are committed to customer satisfaction and for
this reason we are suggesting the following hair care treatments to ensure the longevity, and beauty of your hair. Upon receipt of your hair, please gently rinse the hair in cool water in a downward fashion, with minimum agitation, before applying the hair. You will see any defects to the weft or hair at this time. If you notice any issues please contact us immediately. If you do not detect any issues with the hair within the 15 day grace period, the hair is fine and should last for months to come.

If you perm, tint, bleach or cellophane the hair, you do it at your own risk. We do not guarantee any hair that has been chemically altered. Always test a few strands of hair first to see how the hair reacts with the chemicals.

  1. Do not sleep with your hair wet as this will cause tangling, braid the hair in a large braid and air dry.

  2. Do not use oil base product on hair as this will cause matting & tangling.

  3. Combing and brushing hair while dry will cause frizziness, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner, and water to style.

  4. Do not massage hair when shampooing, this type of agitation will cause sever tangling. Rub and rinse hair in a downward direction. Use your finger tips to message the scalp between the wefts of the hair.

  5. Some hair product leave a residue of film build-up over time we recommend using a clarifying shampoo monthly to remove all of the build up.

  6. Heat, hair color and bleaching of the hair will shorten the life span use of the hair it is advised to keep the use of these and alcohol based products at a minimum.

  7. Because heat and other element can damage the hair, we recommend using a leave in conditioner to maintain the healthy balance in the hair.

    Wholesale Application
    If you are interested in purchasing our product wholesale, we invite you to complete the wholesale application.  This invitation is for license business owners and cosmetologist. Click on the Application link to download the required forms.


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